Thursday, June 20, 2013


 photo 30_zps8b8c591c.jpg  photo 21_zps7a816e79.jpg  photo 20_zpsf39b5472.jpg  photo 10_zps41999f7f.jpg

Whether it be a baseball cap, an oversized floppy hat, or a turban-style hat like the one above, I've never been much of a hat girl. I've had a leather baseball cap in my ASOS wishlist for months now but haven't quite brought myself to purchasing it. Hats are everywhere now, though, and they're becoming more and more versatile (especially the baseball cap now that the sporty look is very trendy) Are you a hat person? What's your go-to way to wear a hat?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Army Green

 photo IMG_9326_zpse30a6a89.jpg  photo IMG_9294_zps73a93c05.jpg  photo IMG_9368_zps44c03420.jpg  photo IMG_9260_zpsbac101ef.jpg  photo IMG_9153_zps9383c6bc.jpg  photo IMG_9185_zpsfbd4e89b.jpg  photo IMG_9255_zps962a461a.jpg  photo IMG_9303_zps4eeaef8b.jpg  photo IMG_9348_zps13561c2f.jpg  photo IMG_9239_zpsfda86c91.jpg
Photos by Youness Valo Bouslame

Topshop jacket
Bershka top
Topshop skirt
Zara loafers

I'm sad to report that Paris seems to be completely unaware of the fact that it's springtime. Don't let this outfit fool you--I was not at all dressed appropriately for the weather and figured this out shortly after leaving my apartment. I've been checking the 10-day weather forecast every day and getting my hopes up for warm weather but mother nature has yet to meet me half way.

About this outfit--I'll admit I've never been a a huge fan of the army trend.   Military I love, but army is a completely different story. You know when you see things that work for other people but you wouldn't think of trying it yourself? Do you have anything like that? For me, that thing is army green. It still remains the only "army" item in my wardrobe, but you never know, perhaps this is me warming up to it!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Edited: Monochrome

 photo monochromeedit_zps970b414d.jpg
Topshop colour mix court heels
Alexander Wang pumps
IRO wedge sandals
Ksubi t-shirt dress
Tibi dress
Derek Lam draped blouse
Acne white jeans
Zara necklace
Jimmy Choo printed clutch
Gucci clear clutch
Zara two-toned printed clutch
DVF iphone case

Spring is all about mixing prints, bright colors and dressing for the warm weather, but sometimes a monochrome look is just necessary. The thing about these items is the way they're all different while keeping within the same color scheme, so it leaves room for anyone to make this trend their own. That's the point of style though, right? Although I would happily accept any item on this list, I've had my eye on these IRO wedge sandals for quite some time and my ability to resist them is slowly dwindling. Have a favorite?